About Us

Cork Concert Orchestra is a community based voluntary (not for profit) organisation. It was founded in late 2014 as an un-incorporated voluntary group, holding its first concert on April 11th 2015.

The orchestra has several core aims, of which the primary aim is to provide the talented musicians of Cork City and County with opportunities to rehearse and perform challenging and demanding music. In addition to this, we aim to provide and develop Cork City and County concert going audiences with popular programmes. Providing local talented conductors and composers with the opportunity to work with a large adult orchestra is another aim of the group.

The Orchestra has worked with internationally renowned conductor Neil Thomson and Dumitriu Gioa. In addition to working with high profile conductors the orchestra has provided local conductors Tom Doyle, Elaine Kelly and Roddy O’Keeffe in addition to our principal conductor Tom Crowley.

The orchestra is managed by a steering group who guide the overall direction of the orchestra including Cllr Mick Finn and Hugh Bruton (General Manager- Brittany Ferries). In addition an orchestra management group of Adrian O’Mahony Chairman, Eamon O’Riain Administrator, Adrian Petcu (Artistic Director), Tom Crowley (Principal Conductor) and Alice Anne Oliver (Treasurer) oversee the day to day running of the orchestra. The orchestra is grateful for the assistance it receives from Cork City Council as well as support from the Cork Business Community